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5 People Tell Us What Ecofeminism Means to Them

The Siren Magazine
5 People Tell Us What Ecofeminism Means to Them

By Leneate Vang

1. Zoë  

"To be honest, ecofeminism is not a term that I’m familiar with. When I think of eco-feminism, I think of the fashion industry and how fast fashion hurts not only the environment, but also exploits women’s labor in 3rd world countries. I think of how women are being hurt by unethical productions."

2. Ada

“To me, it means incorporating feminist values into the environment and connecting aspects of nature. Taking care of the environment is the job of humans, so feminism advocates for that too. Treating women with equality is a human right, so is taking care of the environment. I try to be as eco-friendly as I can for someone who is vegan."

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3. Maryn

"I don’t know much about ecofeminism or it’s effects on my daily life, but I realize there must be a lot of work that goes into it and yet, I don’t hear much about it. I wonder if that has to do with the 'feminist' aspect or people just want the earth to die already."

4. Chloé 

"I have never heard of ecofeminism, but I think it’s when feminists are interested in the way that the environment impacts them.

After talking today, I’m definitely a ecofeminist. Last term, I took a Native American Studies class and I learned how the Dakota Access Pipeline was hurting not only Indigenous people, but specifically Indigenous women." 

5. Marian 

“Ecofeminism is a branch of feminism that considers the aspects of the environment. It’s where environmental issues and feminism intertwine.

I never really thought about how ecofeminism affects Women of Color.

When someone discussed ecological problems, I never saw myself in it because I’m not white. I felt like I didn’t see any other brown people like me discussing this issue. I’m vegetarian, but it’s hard for me when I go back home to Mexico because food is centered around meat. I understand that sometimes being vegan or vegetarian, is not an option for Women of Color due to cultural reasons.”