Poem: "Night Write"

By: Sharron Melgoza

The perfect solution to not being able to get up early enough to write: Night writing.

My news feed is terrible and I feel anxious. I feel that I’m slowly developing an alter-persona that is content and unaware of current events.

I just watched the movie Split last night; maybe I’m doing this to protect my spirit from harboring too much anger. I think maybe a little of it is okay, but the levels that I am experiencing are a burden. 

I feel privileged for saying that, but everyone is affected by this presidency in some way or another. My professor’s Muslim friend has been detained for a few days. It’s affecting others more heavily and I wonder what their alter-personas are like... what their guardian angel manifesto is that gets them through.

It’s exhausting to constantly resist. “All of the women in me are tired,” are the words hanging in Holly’s apartment. She has the sweetest face of anyone I’ve seen. Liberty has the sweetest face I’ve seen.