Some Tips for Managing Anxiety through Self-Expression

By Madison Chackel

At a young age, during one of our first experiences of self-expression, we are told to color inside the lines. However, as life hands you challenges and obstacles, and when you are overwhelmed with the pressures of life and living with mental health issues, the concept of controlling something as small and mindless as coloring brings peace to the constantly over-stimulated minds of those living with anxiety. 

As I have come to realize, through my own life experiences and experiences with others, as well as educating myself on mental health, anxiety and depression can make someone feel very trapped. To be able to escape in something as simple and accessible as a coloring book can mean so much for those with anxiety. Coloring books provide a sense of control and yet also escape in creative expression.  

What was once a childhood pastime, is now a coping mechanism for my adult life. Many nights have been spent with a coloring pencil in hand as a way to express myself and remove my attention from the never-ending thoughts of my anxiety. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, coloring is well worth a try as an outlet for the struggles that everyone goes through.